What can I say about myself? My name is Glenn Ralph Audy I grew up the loser everywhere I went. Every town I moved to, every new school, I either had one of those faces or was just that fuckin annoying. My money is on "annoying"

Off and on I would make one decent friend in school that made me not feel so alone. There was Derek, Goose, Smurf and Keith. That's about it. None of them played music but they kept me sane on the reserve.

The people I met that did play music didn't want me around

Kids on my reserve called me "Big Head" there because of my enormous head. I was a bit too "white" for my reserve so eventually I started going to school in a rural town close by called Birch River. I was so excited to go to my new school until I heard the term "Fucking Dirty Indians"

It was a dang ole jungle on that school bus to and from school but I loved it. Kids being kids. There was racism back then for sure but I don't allow Racism to personally affect my life today.
At age 11 I found out that playing guitar could be my one true friend, I learned seven nation army & iron man by ear and the rest is history.

Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers once said that he believed if you have hate in your heart you could never jam with someone else and he was right.

That was my whole Highschool experience. I was set to destroy any guitar player there. I ended up becoming the top g in some way around the end but at what cost? I should have spent more time trying to jam with people instead of destroy them ffs

After Graduating High School I went to University and absolutely flunked out. I attempted to make a metal band in that time called "Ethnocide" a political indigenous metal group that never played a gig because I could still not find enough people to form a band

So I gave up. years went by without anything happening. I listened to modern music and kept tabs of what I liked.

I always wanted to make a band that sounded like a combination of Red Hot Chili Peppers & Sublime.

From 2015 I wrote music for 5 years straight before I released my first single "Needful Things" under "Played The Fool" a moniker I stuck with after hearing Cage The Elephant's 2019 "Tokyo Smoke"

I released my first EP "Healthy Boundaries" on August 20th, 2020

My 2nd EP titled "Wasting In The Sun" is out March 31st, 2023

I've been the outcast my entire life until I found unconditional love through music. I want to return the favor - to save other peoples lives - the way music has saved mine.

- Glenn